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Welcome to the Germania Voices

The Germania Voices of the Gold Country German American Club are in existence since March 1998. Theresa Arth organized the women to participate in a singing group. On March 7th, 1998, 10 women met at the Arth’s house for their first singing practice.

The purpose and goal of this group was to preserve the age old tradition of German culture, to sing at home with the family, at gatherings in churches – wherever people assembled there was music, dance, and songs such as Volkslieder and Baladen.

Wherever in the World Germans gather, there will be songs in their hearts that tie them to their German roots. Our Germania Voices sing for our club festivities and encourage club members to join in. In the past we have  also sung at public and private engagements. The group meets once a month for practice; and after practice we enjoy  a traditional German Kaffeeklatsch.

The group is always looking for more singers.

Please come and join us. Singen macht Freude!