Hi there!

Welcome to the wonderful world of walkers.  Our Club has an avid and dedicated group of hikers.  Dedicated because we know that walking is a wonderful form of exercise and keeping in good physical condition prolongs our lives.  Avid because we happen to be fortunate enough to live in a place of outstanding beauty.

We live on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and where we hike covers a wide range of elevations, habitats and all four seasons in their grandest display.

We hike every Thursday, weather permitting, and take full advantage of the seasons.  In the winter we hike the low foothills, a blue oak savanna.

In the spring we follow a magnificent display of wildflowers from the Central Valley through the chaparral / scrub oak woodlands into a black oak / Ponderosa pine forest, then through a pine / fir forest and into the red fir forest at around 8,000 feet elevation.

By the end of June we will traverse deeply incised canyons, sharp and flat ridges, through meadows and forests and will find ourselves in the Alpine zone where we’ll bag a few peaks before retreating through a wonderful display of fall color to hike just below the snow line.  Having learned where we hike, you can see why we call ourselves:


Come join us!

See you on the trail,  Bill Nickerl

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